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Women are now stepping into a world where opportunities seem closer than ever before. Many women entrepreneurs are backing themselves with talents and striking out to rise to the top. As more leaders pave the way, there seems to be a key ingredient missing.

But what could it be? Have you ever considered what is missing?

A FeminessenceĀ® Woman is




More than a magazine. FeminessenceĀ® is a movement.

Feminessence Magazine and book will be the first step in revealing our brand to the world. This will be a collection of outstanding women who have mastered their inner goddesses, harnessed their intuitions, and found the perfect balance between feminine and masculine energies. They know that now is their time to unleash their feminessence to the world and nothing and no one, will hold them back!

We now invite you to own one of our beautiful magazines and be part of our movement. It could change your life!


Feminessence is for the brave few ā€” those who are ready to take a step forward into the path that they pave for themselves, knowing that by doing so, others will follow their lead.

Is that you gorgeous?


Meet our September Feminessence Women

Feminessence is the MOVEMENT you've been longing for


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Join the Movement

At a time when more and more women are leaning into their talents, backing themselves and starting businesses, one key ingredient seems to be missing.

Female entrepreneurs are on the rise, however too many women still doubt their abilities, compare themselves to others and worry about being judged.Ā 

Feminessence is for the brave few who step forward into the path they pave for themselves, knowing that by doing so, others will follow their lead.Ā 

FeminessenceĀ® is the movement you’ve been longing for.

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FeminessenceĀ® is a magazine like no other, for a woman like no other.Ā 

That’s you, gorgeous.

United we stand, arms linked, embracing the now and excited to meet our future selves.Ā 

And it is time ladies. Time we lean back into our feminine energy and unleash our FeminessenceĀ®.

We want to honour this feminine energy and the women who personify it in their daily lives.Ā 

Grab your copy now.