We are thrilled to announce the launch of Feminessence Magazine!

This magazine tells stories of empowered women from all walks of life, as they embark on their Feminessence journey.

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… it’s time to unleash yours!


Women are now stepping into a world where opportunities seem closer than ever before. Many women entrepreneurs are backing themselves with talents and striking out to rise to the top. As more leaders pave the way, there seems to be a key ingredient missing.

But what could it be? Have you ever considered what is missing?

Yes, women are on the rise. But it’s not enough. In fact, in Australia, there are only 30% of female entrepreneurs. And a mere 17% of female senior leaders.

These are disappointing numbers.

Because as women we are strong, intelligent, brave, unique. We are everything we need to be to step out of the shadow and into the light.   Yet still so many of us doubt our abilities. We compare ourselves to others. We worry about being judged and we play small in the fear of being pulled down.

Because of this many women have pushed aside their feminine essence.

But what if the opposite is true? That there’s more to this than meets the eye?  What if time has changed things for us? What if the energy we really need to succeed as women IS, our feminine energy.

And that, ladies, is your secret weapon.

A woman’s best tool for success is her feminine essence. It has been one of our
greatest assets for centuries. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, some women have lost this important ingredient as we have been conditioned to believe that feminine energy is less than. That feminine energy is only worth something in our homes and with our children.

With that thought, many women have pushed aside their feminine essence in favour of their masculine energies.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, we lost the ability to connect to this sacred ingredient.

But did we ever stop and think, is that really who we are? Is that the only way we can find true success? Behind masks we were forced to wear? What if we can add more to that?

Ladies, it is time. This is the time where we lean back into our feminine energy and journey forward to greater heights. This is the time where we can fully unleash our feminessence freely!




”’Michelle Obama, who is an incredible female leader and the former first lady, says that, “Success isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference
you make in people’s lives.”

Your Feminessence embraces that notion of success. Feminessence allows you the space to create your own world, your own business, and your own success —
all on your own terms.

We want to honour this feminine energy, and all the women who personify
it in their daily lives.
And so, we are immensely proud to announce the ‘Feminessence’ brand.

Imagine a beautiful genie bottle, garnished with sparkly jewels and
diamonds. Inside the bottle are gold and silver sparkles and when you pop
the lid, the sparkles fly out of the bottle and fill the room with the most
amazing colours and energy.

This my beautiful friend, is YOUR Feminessence!
(can you see it now?)

Now imagine your hotel limousine
arriving at the entrance of the most exquisite resort in a picturesque part of the
world. The doorman greets you and
you step out of your car, entering
the resort. As you walk into your
room with breathtaking views, you
notice a beautiful box on the
counter with a huge big gold bow.

As you peel back the tissue paper,
tears fill your eyes and a huge smile
lights up your face as you take out
the most stunning clothing that
was made just for you. Your custom
made Feminessence outfit fits so
beautifully and as you open the
small pouch to reveal your bespoke
swarovski crystal Feminessence
bracelet, you know that you have
found your new family.

Feminessence Magazine March 2021

Feminessence Magazine and book will be the first step in revealing our brand to the world. This will be a collection of outstanding women who have mastered their inner goddesses, harnessed their intuitions, and found the perfect balance between feminine and masculine energies. They know that now is their time to unleash their feminessence to the world and nothing and no one, will hold them back!

We now invite you to own one of our beautiful magazines and be part of our movement. It could change your life!


Feminessence is for the brave few — those who are ready to take a step forward into the path that they pave for themselves, knowing that by doing so, others will follow their lead.

Is that you gorgeous?


Meet our March Feminessence Women

Alexis Jane

Feminessence Woman

Genene Wilson

Feminessence Woman

Ruth Posterino

Feminessence Woman

Rebecca Bucci

Feminessence Woman

Melinda Melgar

Feminessence Woman

Cathy Feenan

Feminessence Woman

Linda del Amor

Feminessence Woman

Cathy Dimarchos

Feminessence Woman

Helen Froling

Feminessence Woman

Ann Tomlinson

Feminessence Woman

Savannah Falzon

Feminessence Woman

Kirsten Shields

Feminessence Woman

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