Meet the Feminessence Women

March 2021 Issue

Michele Jones

Brand Ambassador

Our Feminessence Brand Ambassador Michele Jones embraces masculine and feminine powers to consciously journey forward. Michele embodies the word ‘Feminessence’ and we are honoured that she has chosen our new publication to share her wisdom, knowledge and feminessence with our community.

Moana Robinson

Moana Robinson is a Personal Stylist who specialises in styling business women 40+ helping them to look, feel and be their best. Image Consulting and Coaching go hand in hand at B Styled for Life to style from the “inside out”

Alexis Jane

Alexis helps women transform into the next level version of themselves through deep inner work.Her clients shift into a new identity as they let go of past limiting beliefs that do not serve them. Nothing excites her more than watching them succeed.


Genene Wilson

Genene Wilson helps you ‘finesse’’ your financial future. Genene is passionate about helping her clients realise their dreams. Too many people leave their financial future to chance, Genene sees her role as facilitator, educator, mentor, and financial coach – helping clients achieve their financial goals by providing them with clear cut and professional advice, allowing them to take control of their financial future.

Ruth Posterino

Find your feminine, personal leadership power with Ruth Posterino.


Rebecca Bucci

Conscious sexuality to keep couples evolving.

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Melinda Melgar

Melinda Melgar is a Holistic Wellness Practitioner who empowers women to live intuitively, and healthily aligned with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals.

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Cathy Feenan

Cathy Feenan helps women up level their mindset, squash limiting beliefs and manifest the success they desire in business and life, for the highest good of all.


Linda del Amor

Find your true feminine power and purpose with Linda del Amor.



Cathy Dimarchos

Meet ​Cathy Dimarchos​, an entrepreneur who really has unleashed her Feminessence and helps so many others do the same. Cathy is an Advisor to businesses and a personal Mentor.


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Helen Froling

Helen Froling works with introverted women and helps them rediscover their identity and guides them through career changes. Just like she did.

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Ann Tomlinson

Rail, Construction and Feminessence. Who would have thought…
Ann Tomlinson is kicking big goals in a traditionally male dominated industry.

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Savannah Falzon

Savannah Falzon specialises in providing advice around downsizing, retirement options for her clients or their elderly parents. She told me that so many of her clients tell her that they could not have done it without her support.

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Kirsten Shields

As General Manager of the global health education company Food Matters, Kirsten’s passion for educating every one of us to live a healthy life and have healthy minds, are just some of the reasons we chose to feature her in our Magazine.

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